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17 May 2018 - 18 May 2018
Helmond, Netherlands
Anglo Dutch Mission on Smart and Electric Mobility

Welcome to the

Anglo-Dutch Innovation Mission on Smart Mobility and Electric Mobility

Exploring Opportunities for H2020

Face to face meetings - the successful way to do business!

On 17th and 18th May 2018 British companies and research organisations are invited to meet with Dutch companies and research organisations at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Netherlands. The goal is to connect technology and business interests and facilitate partnerships. The event will focus on electric vehicles, autonomous driving, transport infrastructure,   identifying areas of mutual interest and exploring topics for Horizon 2020 calls.

A short questionnaire is included to get an appetite for the topics and priority areas of the participants which will be used to help shape the agenda.

This is a unique opportunity to generate new business and research contacts and contracts. The model is time - and cost efficient and results in business! Meetings will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

Remember that meetings are essential for doing business!

Please also note that applicants will be served on a first-come first-served basis as the venue has a capacity of up to 100 persons.

***Registration is now closed***

To contact the organisers, please email:

Lisa Brewer (UK) eeninfo@emc-dnl.co.uk

Roy Paulissen (Netherlands) roy.paulissen@rvo.nl

For whom?

Companies and research organisations interested in:

  • Electric mobility
  • autonomous driving
  • connected driving and transport infrastructure
  • H2020


to connect technology and business interests and facilitate partnerships. The event will focus on electric vehicles and autonomous driving, transport infrastructure and identify areas of mutual interest and explore topics for Horizon 2020 calls

Why participate?

To find out more about the market developments and policies in both the UK and the Netherlands on transport, electric mobility and to find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions and for new H2020 projects.

Matchmaking – How does it work?

is an ideal opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings

  1. Register & publish your collaboration wishes
  2. Browse the participant list and book meetings with delegates of your interest
  3. One week before the event you receive your meeting schedule

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